Moving millions of Canadians every day safely and reliably, you are providing essential services to help Canada cope with the exceptional challenges of the current COVID-19 health crisis. We recognize the strength of commitment and dedication that is shown by our work force every day. From coast to coast, our professionals are doing their very best to ensure that the highest standards are met both on the road and in depots and garages all across Canada. While many people work from home and await the end of stay-at-home guidelines, our workers continue to brave the coronavirus pandemic by going to work to keep essential parts of society running. The easiest way to thank essential workers is by following regulations put in place to keep the nation safe.

Thank you for your courage and your dedication to all of us and to safety.

Accreditation Centre
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Certify your Eligible Bus Operators

Companies granted Accreditation can apply directly to the MCPCC Certification Board on behalf of candidates seeking the designation of Certified Professional Bus Operators (CPBO)

In this case, employers will provide a list of names and pertinent information verifying that the candidates have met the established criteria for CPBO or employers can attach individual applications for certification signed by each applicant.

There is no certification fee required.

Steps to follow:

  1. Register one or more Evaluator(s)
  2. Candidates for Certification must have:
    • Three (3) years bus operator experience within a consecutive or concurrent five-year period including the year of the application.
    • OR

    For specialized active bus operations personnel (e.g. trainers, managers, safety, labour representatives) three (3) years career bus operator experience and must be on the road 80% of the time.

  3. Click here to complete the accredited Company Declaration to submit candidate(s) eligible for the designation of Certified Professional Bus Operator (CPBO).
  4. Click here to submit a list or attach individual applications for Certification as outlined in the declaration.
  5. Applications are reviewed by the Accreditation Board for approval.
  6. Decision is communicated by MCPCC who will advise the employer.


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