Relationships and Communications

Research shows that even with the best products and business practices, you still need strong relationships to succeed in this marketplace.  Respect and trust is at the heart of building business relationships. It is the glue that holds together the functioning of teams, partnerships and managing relationships.  Yet as individuals we bring different perspectives, styles and approaches to the workplace.  When a situation can be seen through the lens of difference and a position is simply a matter of opinion not fact, then cooperation and compromise are possible. Identifying and understanding differences allows people to shift their position to one of compromise and negotiation.  The following steps are the roadmap to success:

  • Respect leads to accepting a person for what he/she is.
  • Accepting a person where they are, creates an environment of trust.
  • Trust, leads to a willingness to be open to new opportunities, new collaborations, new strategies, new ideas, new products and services.


"Signing up" partners is often seen as a panacea for all business ills. The reality is that although effective partnerships can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line, it takes much more than deal making to derive the benefits of partnering.

Partnerships take time to develop and are hard work.

In the Resources area of this section are steps to assist you in increasing your likelihood of success with partnerships.




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