Employer of Choice Strategy


An Employer of Choice strategy needs to be worked into your company’s business strategies and action plans.  For example, retaining top performers is not only a human resources necessity, it is a business necessity.  The strategy should work to address two questions:

  • What is right for the organization?
  • What do individual employees desire and need?

Regardless of where you are now, you will need:

  • A strategy for becoming an Employer of Choice
  • A process to measure progress.  As an industry, bus companies are familiar with the benefits of measurement – for example, operational and financial success (ridership, on-time arrivals, revenue per passenger, etc.). The same rigor must be applied to measuring progress and impact of Employer of Choice initiatives.

Performance Scorecard

  • With a scorecard approach, multiple measures are used to track and measure the various aspects of performance
  • Progress is reviewed regularly and data is trended to find patterns of performance and opportunity

Developing an Employer of Choice Strategy

The strategy should include:

  • Business Priorities: should be derived from you company’s strategic plan.  Business priorities serve as the foundation for the Employer of Choice strategy.
  • Employer of Choice Priorities: are identified as key to achievement of the business strategy and require focus.
  • Employer of Choice Objectives: break the Employer of Choice priorities into manageable parts.  Objectives can be annual or multi-year depending upon the importance of the priorities and where you company is in the EOC journey.

Illustration of EOC Strategy


Business Priority  EOC Priority  EOC Objectives
Grow our human capital Improve retention of top performers  Understand employee issues that impact retention
Enhance the customer experience Improve service to customers Promote environment that values customer service

Contained in this section’s Resources area is an Employer of Choice Diagnostic. This assessment can be used to provoke dialogue and encourage reflection on the current cultural state of the organization.



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