ROI Forcasting

It can be one of the most powerful business planning tools in your arsenal - and this ROI Forecasting model will be a very helpful tool for a variety of different sized organizations in all sectors of the bus industry. 



ROI Forcasting ToolThe Kirkpatrick/Phillips Model for Evaluating
Human Resource Development and Training

The Phillips ROI MethodologyTM offers a practical way to forecast the potential payoff—return on investment (ROI)—of a proposed training or human resources initiative before funds are committed.





ROI Forcasting Tool

ROI Forecasting Tool: Evaluate HR or Training Investments!

The online MCPCC ROI (Return on Investment) Forecasting Tool is designed to help organizations evaluate the likely payoff, in both financial and operational performance terms, of a proposed HR or Training investment before funds are committed. This decision-support Tool will simplify and automate the process of forecasting the total potential of programs/initiatives which have measurable business benefits.




ROI Forcasting Tool

Recruitment Cost Calculator: Bus Drivers/Operators

Use this Recruitment tool to estimate the average cost (value) to recruit one new operator. Knowing the true cost to the organization of acquiring a new operator is a useful metric because it not only yields insight into recruiting effectiveness, it also gives management an appreciation of the dollar value to the organization of retaining their existing employees.




ROI Forcasting Tool

Training Cost Calculator

This tool calculates the total cost of developing/purchasing and delivering a training program designed to address a current business challenge or opportunity.



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