Behind the Wheel

Human dynamics will sustain the economic viability of the motor carrier passenger industry. While consumer patterns change, technology develops and financial resources fluctuate, it is the human factor driving the success of the business, from creativity, to service delivery, to brand representation.

Our industry is unique in that companies invest a substantial training and development cost (up to $15,000 per new employee) before the new employee can commence the role of bus operator. If a recruitment decision is not a good one, particularly early in the process, companies have quickly lost their investment without realizing any return. It is, therefore, critical that the investment in hiring and developing the people best suited to represent our industry be substantial. As with any investment, it is important to research, know what you are investing in, understand its potential and maintain regular communications.

Behind The Wheel has been produced to heighten the awareness of people-investment and to maximize opportunities for success.




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