Terms and Conditions of Employment

Hiring formally establishes a legal relationship between a candidate and the organization. Motor Carrier Passenger Council Of Canada Where employees are represented by a bargaining agent and there is a collective agreement, the terms and conditions of employment are defined by that agreement26. Where a collective agreement does not exist, the terms and conditions of employment are those developed by the company. Normally, these conditions are contained in company policy documents and outlined in the “Employee Handbook”.27


26 It is important to note that theses terms and conditions are not simply those contained in the collective agreement booklet that is normally published by the company and the union. They also include all the items referred to in this booklet, such as benefit plan documents covering pensions, supplemental health and drug plans, dental plans etc.

27 As mentioned in our Introduction to this Guide, there is a link between the process and other human resources systems in the company. It is at this point that this link with a number of these other human resource management processes (such as compensation, human resources services, performance management) becomes apparent.




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