Behind The Wheel

The Million Dollar Decision
The hiring of a new employee is often called the “Million Dollar Decision” because a projection of the employee’s life time earnings in the job reveals his/her earnings over the period of his/her career with the company results in a figure well in excess of a million dollars.

The National Occupational Standards demonstrates the skills and abilities required to operate a motor carrier passenger vehicle. To place an operator behind the wheel with confidence requires a comprehensive program.

  • Business Plan
  • Positions to Fill
  • Candidate Pool
  • Selection Process (Matching People to Positions)
  • Hiring
  • Orientation
  • Training and Development
  • Career Planning

This Guide focuses on the critical areas where a company can significantly improve its effectiveness through the adoption of “best practices.” In covering each of the above topics, the focus of this guide will be on best practices and tools2. Wherever possible, we will try to draw samples of practices from the motor carrier passenger industry. Similarly, we will develop examples of practices and tools that relate directly to bus operators.


 2 The field of recruitment, selection, hiring and orientation is one where organizational and industrial psychologists along with human resource experts have been very active over the past several decades. This Guide draws extensively upon the research and experience of these experts in developing its suggestions and recommendations. See Research Synopsis.




Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada (MCPCC),
Business number: BN# 877577427 RT0001