Some Innovative Approaches


A number of companies, particularly in the school bus sector, have learned that their best drivers and the ones who stay with them the longest are recruited using a community-based focus. The identification of higher goals and a purpose in terms of serving the community, providing safe and responsible transportation for children is a significant aspect of this approach.

Advertising in Customer Oriented Media

Some tour and travel operators have found a rich source of driver recruits can be found by advertising in tour and charter media. In this case, the readers/viewers are individuals who are interested in travel and, therefore, more open to the idea of a career as a tour and charter bus driver.

Finder’s Fees


Want to Go to Florida - All Expenses Paid?

In an effort to recruit a larger pool of candidates and reduce turnover, one West Coast charter and tour company placed recruitment ads in travel journals, magazines and the travel section of several newspapers. Although an expensive alternative to the “walk-in” strategy it had been using in the past, this approach has yielded benefits in terms of a better group of candidates from which to draw. Although a relatively new innovation, the company feels it is getting a better “fit” between the job requirements and the candidates it has hired.

Some companies provide a finder’s fee to employees who recruit candidates who eventually become employees. Although this approach has proven to be successful in some instances, it has most of the shortcomings associated with using a referral strategy and is further complicated by trying to determine an appropriate amount for the fee, how it is paid, the conditions upon which it is paid, etc.

Targeting Other Organizations

With this strategy specific organizations are targeted for the recruiting campaign. The reason for the targeting can be because the members of the organization fit the profile of candidates who have been successful in the past or where they are more likely to have the knowledge and abilities outlined in the National Occupational Standards. In some cases the targeting can be cooperative, in that the target organization assists in the recruitment efforts or it can be one that is undertaken independently from the target organization.

Targeting Specific Groups/Communities

Whether for employment equity purposes or because of past success, some organizations have found it to be highly effective to target certain groups or communities through specific media.

Many associations and groups will post job openings for their members.





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