Benefits of Certification

Credentialing advances the profession of Training Instructors by both encouraging and recognizing professional achievement.

Some of the most important purposes for credentialing programs include the following:

  • Protecting the public
  • Meeting the needs of employers, practitioners, and the public by identifying individuals with certain knowledge and skills
  • Assuring passengers that training professionals have met standards of practice
  • Demonstrating an individual’s commitment to a profession and to lifelong learning
  • Providing an individual with a sense of pride and professional accomplishment

Professional Recognition and Accomplishment

Certification holds numerous benefits for Bus Operator Training Instructors. Whether professional or personal, tangible or intangible, these benefits make a powerful case for pursuing specialty certification.

Professional Recognition and Credibility.

Certified Professional Instructors (CPI) are recognized and respected. Certification confirms a Training Instructor’s competence and capabilities to trainees, peers, supervisors, and ultimately the public. In numerous surveys conducted about the value of certifications more than 90% of respondents agreed that certification validates specialized knowledge, enhances professional credibility, and indicates a level of competence to standards.

Professional Achievement.

As front-line service delivery and passenger awareness become ever more heightened, the demand for experienced, highly skilled Trainers with a depth and breadth of knowledge is on the rise. The preparation and study necessary for successful completion of certification examinations improve ability to impart know-how and skills to trainees. Continued competency requirements for certification renewal ensure that certified Training Instructors remain up-to-date with the latest developments in their specialities.

Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture

  1. You can be a better mentor. The ability to mentor is based greatly on experience, but the best mentors can reach beyond their experience. They are able to extrapolate from their experience, and relate it to someone else's entirely different experience.
  2. Enables you to better evaluate the talents and skills of others. With the discipline to master the material for the certification, you are in a better position to evaluate the skills of others. You have had the opportunity to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses in the process of earning the certification, and have a broader understanding of the skills and toolsets that can be effective.

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