Benefits of Certification

As a Certified Professional Bus Operator, you:

  • Have credibility for the quality of work you perform
    "I feel the professionalism we show reflects the company and its image to the public. I am for it."
  • Are recognized for your knowledge, skills, and experience

    "I have experience in inter-city, urban, and airport shuttle service, and welcome the increased respect and responsibility professional recognition would bring."
  • Have a professional designation that, if properly maintained, stays with you throughout your career

    "Drivers will feel more professional in their jobs and they will create higher degrees of honesty and integrity in their careers. The standards will attract highly qualified individuals and give the industry an overall improvement to their image".
  • Know that your designation is recognized across Canada
    "I feel if this program is implemented and operated properly it could develop high operating standards for accredited companies and create a safer market place."
  • Have mobility to move in your career across Canada
    "Bus drivers' roles and responsibilities are increasing. National standards can only promote energy efficient, worry free public transportation."
    "I totally support what has been offered here. I hope it will come as soon as possible, simply to open my horizons to my career and hopefully be a step up in the long run."

  • Have pride in your chosen field
    "This program would help operators remember they are professionals and enhance self-esteem and morale in the work force. Earn it, be proud of it!"
  • Have a visual recognition of your experience and training

Quotes are from Bus Operators' survey comments.


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