Registered Evaluator(s)

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  1. Evaluator Qualifications
    Evaluators must:
    • Have five (5) years confirmed experience in training, supervising or performing responsibilities outlined in the NOS
    • No evidence of a conflict of interest with the Applicant
    • Have completed the E-Tutorial for Evaluators
    • Be registered with the MCPCC
    • Registration must be renewed every five years
  2. Evaluation
    • An Applicant’s skills and abilities will be evaluated by observation, interview and discussion
  3. Procedures
    • Evaluator(s) completes the Registration Form and submits to the MCPCC for approval
    • Prior to evaluation, the Evaluator(s) will review the applicable tasks and sub- tasks contained in the National Occupational Standards
    • Following the Applicant’s Confirmation of Competency in a Block area, the Evaluator(s) shall validate the Applicant’s declared competency in that area


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