Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to process my application?

    There is a timing consideration to convene a meeting of the AC Board, but on an average we anticipate that the process should take 3 to 4 months to complete applications.

  2. How often will I have to renew my Certification?

    You may be required to renew your certificate if there are significant changes to the National Occupational Standards (NOS). You will have to demonstrate competency in these areas.

  3. Am I obligated to get my Certification?

    Certification is a voluntary program, and no one is obligated to participate.

  4. Is there a fee to process my application?

    There is a $25 fee to begin the process and a $25 fee per year to maintain your certificate. You have an option to pay $100 for the five year plan.

  5. Is my Certification recognized across Canada?

    Absolutely - Canada 's bus industry supports the Certification program and numerous companies have contributed to its development

  6. I have taken training programs that are not formally recognized. How can I make these count?

    If you can provide the Certification Board with documentation and employer confirmation of your successful completion of training that conforms to the National Occupational Standards, and you complete the rest of the application process, your application will receive due consideration by the Board

  7. Is my Certification recognized in other countries?

    Canada is setting new standards as the first country to institute this type of Certification of Bus Operators. Other countries are following the progress of this program.

  8. Will having my Certification mean an increase in salary?

    Certification is not directly linked to salary scales, however being a Certified Bus Operator will ensure that your qualifications and abilities are recognized by bus companies across Canada .

  9. I'm a school bus driver? Do the same "rules" apply to part-time workers?

    Absolutely! You may be fully certified as a School Bus Driver, as long as you meet the criteria outlined in the program.

  10. What if I have a collision or other driving infraction when not on duty?

    Bus operators are bound by their Code of Ethics "to strive to follow the highest moral and legal standards of professional conduct". Your certificate could be revoked for any of the following reasons.

    • Loss of drivers license
    • Criminal conviction
    • Substantiated flagrant or repetitive driving infractions
    • Non-compliance with Code of Ethics
    • Non-payment of Certification fees.


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