Your Training History

National Certification was created in order to formally recognize the complex and demanding training that today's Professional Bus Operators undergo. In order to be able to accurately measure your resulting on-the-job performance using the National Occupational Standards (NOS) as the foundation, MCPCC has established an Accreditation Program to support professional certification.

All Training Providers now have the opportunity to have their Programs reviewed by MCPCC's Accreditation and Certification Board. If their training programs adhere to the NOS for Professional Bus Operators they will receive the accreditation certificate. Accreditation is voluntary. Therefore, if your training was not through an accredited program you may still apply for the individual bus operator certification by completing your Training History. Simply complete the History pages in the Certification Journal citing the sources and verifying all your training that relates to the NOS, Blocks A - E. Also indicate a minimum of one Block F- J. Verification may include training certificates, transcripts and employer confirmation.

If you have successfully completed an MCPCC Accredited Training Program you are not required to complete the Training History Section.


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