Certification Journal

As part of your certification application, you will maintain a journal in which you will review the required competencies, and document your self-assessment of your knowledge, skills and abilities. This journal will be validated by one or more Registered Evaluator(s) using the National Occupational Standards.

There are two areas of the Journal:

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    Confirmations of Competency
  • Bus Operator Training History*

    * If you received training through a MCPCC Accredited Program you do not need to complete the Bus Operator Training History Section

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1. Confirmations of Competency

  • Complete Core Areas A through E plus the Specialty Block applicable to your sector (one of F to J)
  • Review the Tasks and Sub-tasks for each applicable Block. Assess your competency in performing all these Tasks and Sub-tasks. When satisfied that you can perform all areas competently, sign the Applicant Section for each Block
  • Review your competencies with your Registered Evaluator(s) and have them validated in the Journal.

2. Bus Operator Training History

This area is to be completed by Applicants who have not received training from an MCPCC Accredited Program. It will include a detailed account of training received relative to the Tasks and Sub-tasks in the National Occupational Standards.

Bus Operator Training History»


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