Now that you are certified...

Now that you are certified, you will receive a certificate and the right to advertise yourself as a Certified Training Instructor. Read below to see all the places you can be recognized for your knowledge, skills and experience as a designated professional Training Instructor in your industry. Please take a moment to become familiar with the usage of the MCPCC logos.

Certification Logo and Trademarks Usage

Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada ("MCPCC") is sole owner of various logos, tag lines and trademarks (collectively referred to as the "Trademarks") .

Trademarks can only be used by Training Instructors authorized by MCPCC who have successfully completed the MCPCC certification process and only for as long as they remain in good standing with the MCPCC.

Authorized Training Instructors may use the Trademarks on:

  1. Business cards - tag line - MCPCC Certified Training Instructor , bottom, center
  2. Resume and curriculum vitae - tag line - MCPCC Certified Training Instructor, in footer. Listing of the completed certification process may be used within the resume.
  3. Letterhead - tag line MCPCC Certified Professional Training Instructor in footer
  4. Email, auto-signature - tag line MCPCC Certified Training Instructor
  5. Web site - above logo must link to Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada web site to appropriate Certification web page. This link is not to be seen as an endorsement by Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada of your web site nor does Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada accept any responsibility or liability for any content appearing on your web site.

Other placements require the prior written approval of MCPCC .

Some unauthorized uses are:

  1. Print in a repeating pattern.
  2. Change the colours.
  3. Add patterned background.
  4. Used as a watermark.
  5. Change the angle of the logo.
  6. Resizing that does not maintain integrity of logo (i.e. stretching the logo.)
  7. Use the trademarks in any misleading manner.
  8. Use of any or all trademarks to bring the MCPCC into disrepute.

Revocation or Termination of Certification:

In the event of revocation or termination of certification, the Training Instructor shall immediately remove and stop publishing any reference to certification status and shall stop using any and all Trademarks of MCPCC.

Termination at any time:

  • The Training Instructor shall agree to immediately remove the Trademarks if asked to do so by MCPCC at any time.
  • Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada may amend these guidelines at any time without prior notice.


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