Eligibility Requirements

Knowledge – NOS for Professional Bus Operator

  • Must be a Registered Evaluator with MCPCC

Evaluator Qualifications

Evaluators must:

  • Have five (5) years confirmed experience in training, supervising or performing responsibilities outlined in the NOS
  • No evidence of a conflict of interest with the Applicant
  • Have completed the E-Tutorial for Evaluators
  • Register with the MCPCC
  • Registration must be renewed every three years


  • Evaluator completes the E-Tutorial for Evaluators
  • Evaluator(s) proceed to complete the Registration Form and submits to the MCPCC for approval
  • Once Approved the Evaluator's name will be posted in the Directory of Evaluators

Career Experience

  • Minimum three years cumulative experience as a Bus Operator
  • Training Instructor within a 5 year period including the year of application.

Note: One year is defined as a 12 month calendar period and applies to both full-time and part-time trainers.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Pass the MCPCC Bus Operator Training Instructor Challenge Exam based on the NOS for Training Instructors.

Consent to Code of Ethics

  • Certification applicants are required to consent to abide by the Code of Ethics for training instructor practice

Professional Development

  • A minimum of 60 hours of professional development in each 3-year period after certification.

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