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Accessible services operator


Training for Accessible services operators is usually provided by the company hiring the driver. Training includes safe driving techniques, risk management, and in some cases includes psychology and even first aid and injury prevention components.


OC Transpo, the municipality-run transit authority in Ottawa-Carleton, trains its accessible service operators through the following in-depth driver-training program.

The training program is 32 days with 40 per cent in class and 60 per cent on road training. Once drivers complete their training, they undergo nine months of probation.

The in-class course covers important topics including: radio reporting, emergency evacuation procedures, disability awareness sensitivity training, and many others.

The road training consists of route familiarization, road test and circle check, and the opportunity to demonstrate all facets of the classroom training on the road.

OC Transpo also evaluates its trained drivers once a year to make sure they are vigilant and sharp behind the wheel.

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